Information Technology Services

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Come learn about technology all around us from the Information Technology Services department!
Age group: All Ages, Elementary School, Middle/Junior High School, High School

Come learn about the technology we use everyday! We have two different sets of activities based on grade level. For our middle and junior high school students, we have a technology crossword and word search. The answer key will be included for instructors. We hope these terms will inspire conversation between students, their peers, and instructors about technology past, present, and future. For our younger elementary students, we have two activities. The first is a presentation about S.M.A.R.T. safety tips when using technology and the internet. We hope this activity gets the students thinking about the importance of online safety. The second activity is a "picture yourself as a future student" where the students can draw themselves on a "student ID card". We want them to imagine what they would like as future college students.