March 6, 2021, noon to 2 p.m.
Cockrell School of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Draw a Robot Design Challenge

Age group: Elementary School, Middle/Junior High School

Join us to see Dance Bot, hands down UT's cutest robot, show off a few moves. You'll learn how Dance Bot and other robots work and discover how Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) can be used. Then, take the Robot Design challenge to draw a robot that will accomplish a specified task. The robot can do that task in any way you can imagine, so long as you draw how it works. If you do not know which task you want your robot to do, you should try one of our many fun example tasks:  a robot that picks up a slice of pizza, a robot that writes your name using a marker, a robot that can dance or juggle.  When you are finished, you can share your robot designwith one of our members. Make a video of your robot drawing and explain what your robot is designed to do and how it works. Share your video on Flipgrid. Recommended Materials: A marker, pencil, crayon, or pen. A piece of paper.