Cockrell School of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Edison Lecture Series: Failing Well

Big Engineering Failures that led to Big Successes
Age group: Middle/Junior High School

Join us for the Edison Lecture Series 2021 as we investigate some well-known and not-so-well-known engineering failures. Discover how failing at something can also lead to incredible success.  Middle and high school students can see the fun side of electrical and computer engineering through a series of four mini-lectures on this year's topic, "Failing Well: Big Engineering Failures that Led to Big Successes." When we think about engineering, we think about the grand successes -- the design of the first transistor, the initial creation of the World Wide Web, or the first affordable personal computer. What we fail to think about, indeed what we often fail to see at all, is a long succession of "failures" that lead up to each of these grand successes. The presentation includes some surprise visits from other experts speaking frankly about their own failures and how they turned into wins.  You can also can watch these concepts come to life through fun demos on our "Edison Lecturebank" available on Padlet (