School of Nursing

Emergency Preparedness for Families

Age group: Elementary School, Middle/Junior High School

In this discovery module on emergency preparedness, viewers will get to learn alongside members of the Student Community of Asian Nurses on ways to be prepared for emergencies and get through them safely. This virtual video will go over types of emergencies that you should be aware of, such as fires, floods, winter storms and man-made disasters. It is so important to have an emergency kit full of supplies and equipment ready for these types of events, which is why the presentation will walk you through the beginning steps of making one if you don’t already have it. Additionally, there are certain things that should and should not be done during different types of emergencies, and it can be hard to plan for so many different scenarios. This module will help you decide what is and isn’t safe to do during floods, fires, storms and other emergencies. It’s also helpful to have a list of important phone numbers and resources to find out more information either beforehand or during an emergency, which is why we have a list of numbers you should keep handy in addition to those of your family. Finally, viewers will be able to test everything they have learned along with SCAN at the very end in a fun quiz-based game. With all this new information, you can spread the word and inform your family and friends all about Emergency Preparedness.