School of Nursing

Hands-only CPR

Public Service
Age group: Middle/Junior High School, High School

Emergencies can happen any time and anywhere, and in many instances, lives can be saved by someone with training performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  Learn how to perform hands-only CPR if you were to see a teenager or adult collapse at home, school or in public.

In this discovery module, participants will learn the basics of hands-only CPR. We will discuss the heart and why chest compressions are done when the heart stops. We will outline the steps from the American Heart Association on how to preform hands-only CPR, demonstrate them for participants and invite participants to practice as well. If you don’t have a CPR manikin, that is all right. You can simply watch, or you can grab a couple of pillows and stack them on top of each other or use a bean bag, or a plastic grocery bag filled with other plastic bags, towels, or anything soft and flexible. With these items, you can still practice the technique at school or at home without the manikin.