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The Heritage Spanish Language Program at UT

Business, Culture and Education
Age group: All Ages

Did you grow up hearing or speaking Spanish at home? Did you hear Spanish from your parents, grandparents or other family members since you were very young? If you were exposed to Spanish at home while growing up, then you probably are a heritage learner. Most heritage learners have a great understanding of their cultural heritage, but there are a wide variety of heritage learners in terms of proficiency, language dominance and language use. You might feel like you have full oral fluency and literacy in Spanish, or perhaps you have oral fluency but have a hard time reading and writing in Spanish, since maybe your entire education has been in English. Or maybe you fall into the category of heritage learners who understand Spanish well, speak it to a limited degree, but have a hard time expressing yourself in Spanish on a wide variety of topics. If you fit any of these descriptions above, then our Spanish heritage language courses are for you. The courses in our Heritage Spanish track focus on the development of bilingual and bicultural literacies through the analysis and use of the heritage language. In this video, you will hear from some of our students and learn about our Spanish classes that have been designed specifically for students who grew up hearing or speaking Spanish at home.