College of Liberal Arts

Intro to European Studies

Business, Culture and Education
Age group: High School

The Center for European Studies offers an interdisciplinary major and minor in the study of Western and Central Europe. This video will offer a brief overview of the EUS major and minor, highlight our variety of course offerings across UT departments and colleges, as well as the education abroad opportunities the EUS major offers. It will also highlight ways in which UT students can be involved with European Studies events, such as regular cultural events, our volunteer partnership with the European Union for SXSW, as well as our yearly TX-EU Summit where students can network with representatives from Texas and European business as well as government officials, such as prime ministers, ambassadors, and regional consulates. Finally, it directs participants to our Digital Speakers Bureau website where current K-12 students and teachers can watch interviews with our European Studies faculty and become familiar with their research before applying to UT Austin for admission.