March 6, 2021, 2 to 3:30 p.m.
Cockrell School of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

Soft Bioelectronics Lab Open House

Engineering Wearable Devices for the Future of Health Care and Human Robot Interaction
Age group: All Ages

The 4th industry revolution, a.k.a. Industry 4.0, is powered by cyber physical systems such as internet of things (IOT), artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and so on. For humans to stay relevant, we need to digitize our body and connect to the internet for future mobile health, virtual reality communication and gaming, as well as human-robot interaction. If we compare a car with a human body, one is a hard machine and one is a soft machine, but there are thousands of sensors on a car but rarely any sensors on our body. Our body is radiating continuous, multimodal and personal data about our health, our thoughts, our emotions, and intentions all the time. We therefore need noninvasive, unobstructive but high-performance wearable electronics to record those data. Lu Research Group at UT Austin has 10 years of experience in the materials, design, manufacture and clinical validation of tattoo-sticker-like wearable electronics called e-tattoos, which are hair-thin, skin-soft, wear-and-forgettable. Join this virtual event to learn the behind-the-scenes stories of e-tattoo research and development. Click the link below for the link to the live zoom event.