College of Natural Sciences
The Freshman Research Initiative Urban Ecosystems Research Stream and UT Landscape Services

Urban Safari

Explore Nature on the UT Austin Campus
Age group: All Ages, Elementary School

Even in cities, we are surrounded by nature. This video tour of the UT Austin campus explores the natural world of our urban spaces and includes common – and not so common – organisms that can be found on campus.  It highlights challenges facing urban nature and spotlights areas where there has been success in encouraging plants, animals and microbes to flourish. Hopefully the safari will inspire you to explore the natural world in your neighborhood and develop an appreciation for the organisms that share our cities with us.

The Urban Safari video tour was created through a collaboration between the Urban Ecosystems Research Stream in the College of Natural Sciences and members of the university's Landscape Services department including Jim Carse, Jennifer Hrobar, Justin Hayes and Ty Kasey.