Steve Hicks School of Social Work

Explore the Many Faces of Social Work

Public Service
Age group: Elementary School, Middle/Junior High School, High School

Since 1950, The University of Texas at Austin — the flagship institution of The University of Texas System — has been producing outstanding professional social workers to serve Texas and the nation. The Steve Hicks School of Social Work provides national leadership to promote social and economic justice, alleviate critical social problems and enhance human well-being. Social workers apply their knowledge, skill, and ethics to connect people to services; provide support to individuals, families, and groups; advocate for and with communities; and participate in the legislative process and policy making. Social work is a profession with roots in the social reform movements of the late 19th century. This heritage, in which individual problems are seen as social concerns, gives contemporary social work its unique character among the helping professions. This video will explore the social work courses of study and provide insight into what future social workers can expect.